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At Famous Management Company, we offer premium solutions to growing your brand. We can help in all areas that are needed to boost your exposure and accelerate your earnings. Clients have exclusive access to take advantage of all we have to offer. Below is a list of the services we provide.  

Increase Social Profile and Engagement

Sure, you have your social media profiles set up. But are you maximizing their potential? Even if you are already a popular influencer, we know all the strategies to boost your clout and increase follower engagement.

How much are your social media profiles worth? Our digital auditing team digs deep into your account and unlocks missed opportunities and provides insight where growth can occur. Once we know what areas need help, we pounce on those opportunities.

Enjoy unlimited income possibilities as we help grow your name across all popular social media platforms.

Find Brand Deals

Are you ready to start making bank off of your name?

Brand deals can be the lifeline of your income as you grow your business or artistry. Make enough money for the whole month off of one Instagram post! You need someone to help connect you with lucrative deals to keep you afloat while you build your name.

FMG helps you make deals with brands and become the kind of influencer you want to be. We will connect you with the right brands and form lasting partnerships.

Give Careers Direction

Do you have the talent? There are many people out there who are amazing musicians, actors and athletes. But all too often, they don’t know how to take the next steps.

At FMG, we do a full brand audit and help you identify where to go next. We start by analyzing your social media footprint and see where there is opportunity for growth and paid partnerships. Next, we pitch you to brands that are the perfect fit and close the deals.

For our Social Media Influencers, your brand is your name. We will help you explore merchandising opportunities and help to grow your business by leveraging your social followings.

For our actors, we help connect you with performing opportunities to keep honing your craft while auditioning for film and television gigs.

For our musician clients, we will help find you the right producers and book your studio sessions.

Does your look need updating? FMG will help refine your brand and set you up with photoshoots and other marketing tools needed to help you grow. We work with only the best photographers and glam squads around. Only the best for our clients!

Depending on your area of talent, we formulate a plan specifically tailored for your advancement.

At Famous Management Group, we create the blueprint for your success and walk beside you every step of the way.

Music and Film Industry Growth

Are you a singer or actor ready to take on the big leagues?

It’s time to spring off of social media and into show business.

We connect you with agents and casting directors to help you get seen and provide opportunities to book real film and television roles.

If you are an actor or musician, we always want you to be honing your craft. We will help connect you to the top acting coaches and vocal coaches in the industry. At FMG, we always encourage our talent to create their own projects while they wait on industry contracts. We can bring your projects to producers and financiers to make your projects become realities.

Networking also plays a huge role in advancing in the music and film industries. We provide opportunities to connect with industry bigwigs and other aspiring artists. We always encourage collaboration between up and comers and we will show you the people who run this town.